Depleated DeepL free API usage without providing translation

I have a project with 28k words (174k characters). I have connected DeepL Free API to the crowdin and I tried to translate the document via MT.

DeepL Free API limit is 500k characters.

I have pretranslated two languages without problem consuming about 348k characters from the limit.

Later I would like to translate a third language, which is obviously over the limit (348k + 174k = 522k, it is 22k characters over the free limit) so I hope that at least some text will be translated.

Crowdin started pretranslation but never came over 0% and failed without translation. Unfortunately, after this phase, DeepL limit was completely depleted.

The expected behavior would be to either not start the MT or translate at least something.

Hi j123b567,

Yes, it is currently a known behavior that if the money runs out at the moment of pre-translate, then nothing will be translated. Our team is aware of it, but unfortunately, we can’t change this behavior due to technical obstacles,

Thank you for the quick answer. I’ll keep an eye on it next time.