Deleting one of target languages

Hi, how can I safely remove the existing language?

I mean, I have 10 target languages now, 2 of em I’m not using at all, I decided to delete them but wondering whether there’s any downside of this action

Pls advice

Hello man

You can safely delete that language from the project, all records will be stored in your Translation memory so you shouldn’t lose any progress. In case you have GitHub they’re already at the l10n folder, so they cant escape from that place unless you manually remove them :))

Alternatively, you can “frezzze” it, uncheck the language marker (3 bullet points - file settings - uncheck the language you don’t need) so all existing suggestions would be still stored and available, but translators won’t be able to add new at all

Hi guys, by the way you can “frezze” files via API, call is called “Edit file” + use exclude target language - just in case you have lots of files, via UI it would take more time to procced