Deleting old source files after GitHub integration setup

I’ve set up a GitHub integration for my project using content from the existing source file Messages (2.0) that were previously manually added to the repo. Syncing the repo created a new source file on Crowdin matching the path on the repo. I assume that the Messages (2.0) and Messages (Beta) source file is not used for syncing at all and can be safely deleted? I want to confirm that existing source files used before the integration aren’t used to sync.

I’m also wondering if there’s a way to hide all the nested directories to users on Crowdin.


Yes, only those files under the source path are synchronized with your Repository.

You can safely delete those that are not part of your repository, but I’d suggest previously enabling duplicate strings translation sharing, so no progress will be lost once you delete old files

As for file renaming (for translators) you can try dest option

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