Delete translation when deleting source string

Hi there,

we have distinct language files (e.g. homePage.php) located in distinct language folders (e.g. en for English) in GitHub. I’d like to know what happens if I deleted a source string from the homePage.php file (en / English is my source language).

Is the same string also deleted from homePage.php in the translated folders (e.g. es for Spanish)? Or do I have to manually delete the strings from each php file in each language folder?


Hi innohub,

The string with translations will be deleted too on your repo. Let me explain:

  • you delete a source string on your repo,
  • with the next synchronization the file in Crowdin will be updated and the string will be removed in Crowdin too,
  • on the translations export the translated file would no longer contain the deleted string,
  • in the next PR the deleted string would be erased from the translated file too,

Hope this helps!

Thank you, @Olena !

Based on our GitHub structure, is there any way to exclude a specific php file from synchronizing with Crowdin. I want it to be part of GitHub but not uploaded into Crowdin.


Hi innohub,

To ignore some folders or files, click Add ignore pattern, and specify the respective pattern for them. Please see the screenshot attached: