Deepl Free API integration with Turkish Language

I integrated my free version Deepl API. It works with German and other languages. But Turkish language is not supported although Deepl itself supports Language. Additionally, I can use this free Deppl API in memsource for Turkish language. So can anyone help me please?

Hello @okansali

Thanks for reporting this. We are going to update MT libraries, so newly added languages would be supported as well. Kindy visit this page from time to time, we’ll publish a note after release:

Thank you very much for your reply. I’ll be waiting for the update.

Also hope it be added soon, in a month or two.

I have been waiting for this update impatiently.

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Me too. But I see somewhere here @Dima said that they are preparing for huge launch, update to all engines, so I guess it wouldn’t be launch very soon. A lot of technical work is required I believe.

Hi all, just wanted to say that we’re on a finish line, hopefully by the end of this week update will be released :slight_smile:

Hello, have some news, we’ve updated our libraries, so you’re welcome to give pre-translation another try :slight_smile: