Decoding of HTML Entities in Crowdin Editor

Hello there :slight_smile:

We use html encoding for special characters when uploading our translations.
Example: '&#39
These HTML entities are not decoded by the crowdin editor, so our translators see the cryptic encoded entities and don’t know what to do with them.

Is there a possibility to decode html entities in the crowdin editor?

Thanks already

Hi @nico.berres,

In such cases, we recommend switching Editor settings for ‘‘HTML tags displaying’’ to ‘hide’ . Please see my screenshot attached:

Also, we recommend translators to use the ‘Copy source’ button to make sure that all tags will be properly copied to the translation field.

Hey Olena,

thanks for your suggestion.
We tried using the hide html tags option, but unfortunately that doesn’t work with html encoded characters.
So we still display the cryptic encoded strings like &#39 to our translators.

Is there another solution you could provide us with?

Hi @nico.berres,

It is the default import behaviour. We work in accordance with the HTML specification so we escape such symbols with special characters.

You can use the custom pre-import or post-import processor apps to change the &#39 to '

Hey Olena,

thanks for the swift reply.

This looks like a promising option, however do these processors also work if we use the API for string upload?

@nico.berres it should also work for the API string upload.