Customizing branch name with Github action option "localization_branch_name"

I’m using GitHub Crowdin action to push/pull source and target files between GitHub repositories and Crowdin. GitHub action workflow file has some options that I’m using to manage PR creation. One of them is the option “localization_branch_name”. With this option, I’m creating a branch with localization commit. As I do this in certain cadence (i.e. every week), I would like to make the branch name something with the date branch is created.

Can the value of the “localization_branch_name” option contain current date/time when the GitHub action is run?

Hi @hishii2001, you may specify the localization_branch_name mannually in the configuration. Or you’d like it to happen automatically?

Yes, I want it done automatically. I do not want to update the config file every week.

Thanks for the clarification and your improvement suggestion. We will consider it.