Crowdin skipping some phrases/strings? On translation reopen i am regularly finding missed strings

Anyone else seen this. I am in translate mode. Filtering to see only Translated and unapproved strings and ones not translated by me. Sample page with parameters here

When i go from beginning (firs tpage) to last page approving translations and adding new, i close the tab, then reopen it, and browse pages, i can find numerous “new” strings that I have not seen. This happen often and these strings are not new, but was translated long time ago. I do not need to even close tab, just go one, two pages back to find new strings…

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I think that this happen due to me being in translation not proofread mode and when approving some strings while using filter, the amount of filtered strings is reduced so when system moves me automatically to next page, it skips number of unseen strings equal to number of approved on previous page. I still think that this is a bug and should not happen and should be fixed. Developers hear me?

Hello @slrslr

Would you have a chance to record a short screencast describing this behavior? I’d like to review it with our development team.

You can do it by continuing this topic or in a direct message to me.


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@Dima Here is the video:
streamable: crowding translation filtering mode bad paging
downloadable backup: Proton Drive
On the video You see i have enabled filter of untranslated content.
Translated two phrases/strings, one was the last one on the page started with “Jade”.
So 2 translated strings, it moved me to next page, when i go back i see that previous page on the end has 2 new strings which means the issue and a bug i have described in my previous comment above.

@slrslr thanks for the details, really appreciated :wink:

Already shared with the team, would run a few tests from our side and dig into some assumptions on the matter.

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@slrslr hope you’re doing great. Just wanted to say that I’ve checked everything from my side + run some additional tests, as a result, I can say that this is the default system pagination behavior (it’s related to caching so the system can perform as smoothly as possible). In case there are 200+ pages in Editor, it really saves some performance.

Still, we’ve agreed that it can be improved (if this is technically possible to realize without decreased speed). If so, it’ll be done in a few months :wink:

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