Crowdin overrides my translations on repository. How to prevent it?

We have a small project on Crowdin with GitHub integration connected, it works really great, but I’ve encountered one issue (I dunno whether it’s some kind of bug or I haven’t set up everything properly). So, we had some translations in our Crowdin project, but our translator doesn’t really get used to working with such tools, so he adds translations directly on GitHub via PR. But, then we see that those new translations are getting overwritten the old translations from Crowdin… I’m a bit confused, since our translator did the commit way earlier before the Crowdin’s PR, isn’t it supposed to update the translations on Crowdin if we do them directly in the branch? Or have we made the commit in wrong timings?! Please help us understand what it is the recommended workflow for such cases? Thanks in advance!


Hi Samanta!

I actually had a quite similar issue and found out that the integration doesn’t push new translations from repo to the project on Crowdin later, only during the initial setup. All further translations made on GitHub are ignored. That’s why it didn’t automatically update the translations in project and tries to overwrite the new translations on repo with the old ones from Crowdin.

However, they have the “Upload Translations” option which that’s a bit hidden in the GitHub Integration settings:

So whenever you have new translations on the repo, click on that button and then all the translations will be pushed to Crowdin and further PR will have the correct translations