Crowdin MT pre translation?

In Comparison with well-known machine engines like DeepL or Google, is Crowdin better? I don’t want to have low lever pre translation so my reviewer will spend x2 time for proofreading. Have any one tried Crowdin’s engine? I know it’s free, but is it good?

Will be glad to answer.

Crowdin MT was trained specifically for UI texts. Our internal tests show that Crowdin MT works best for that content compared to stock MT engines on the market.

Compared to others engines, Crowdin MT supports a limited number of languages and fewer language pairs (it is considered that the source language is English).

Also, Crowdin MT is totally free, as you’ve mentioned.

Crowdin MT has some peculiarities in the Editor:

  1. Crowdin MT shows several translation suggestions and translators always find it helpful
  2. If the engine detects the most relevant suggestion, it will be marked as High relevance

To summarize, with human supervision, Crowdin MT is a good well-rounded engine that can be used on regular basis.

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Crowdin’s is a fine one. If I have no time for testing all others I’d definitely use only this one and maybe DeepL as well without taking care about others. But this is just my mind, no push.