Crowdin keeps reverting strings

I dont know why but there seems to be a sync going on reverting the changes from translators…

timeghost translations in Crowdin

Hey, it’s some kind of Git based integration, right?

If you change the string from Crowdin side, you need to have “push sources” turned on in the integration settings + you need to accept that pull request from Crowdin, if you don’t accept it, during next synchronization changed string would be reverted back to original version.

Also, if you didn’t change the source itself and it’s only revert to previous translation version, try opening this string in the Editor and click 3 bullets (it’s almost near work “Comments” in UI), after 3 bullets click “See string history” - there would be all actions list. Maybe translator just have forgotten to approve this suggestion, or someone change it from GitHub side as well.

i have push sources on but this seems like an issue from crowdin, they should be able to tell if there are any “new” changes to sync and not anything regardless of history/time…

edit 1: i mean if the sync is every 10 minutes… i would need to check in between that time to prevent reverting strings.

Hey @admin_timeghost , jumping here to continue, did you try checking the string history like @DuuanVanVaagh advised? Did it display some details that might help?

For the synchronization option, if you set up it once per 10 minutes, than it checks both sides once per 10 minutes, if there’s any change it proceeds it. I had almost the same case in past, and we’ve decided to stay with 24 hours synchronization, so our developer surely be able to check the Pull Request and approve it.

Alternatively, I know teams that have some bot in Github, that automatically approve every pull requests from Crowdin. Also, you can change workflow and edit sources only from Git side, so there wouldn’t be needed to approve requests each and every time.

ye i probably would need to set it to every 24hr a sync gets run… but this seems like a crowdin issue to me, they should be able to see if master & their branch are updated or behind.

Well… i’ll set it to 24h as workaround

Hi there, my developer use some git based extension (or bot, I’m not developer, can’t say for sure) that automatically approves any Crowdin related request, maybe it would help you also as well. We used synchronization once per 24 hours, but from this year switched to hour based + all advance options (like skip unapproved stings, skip untranslated files) + this bot that auto approve all requests.