Crowdin keeps removing soft hyphen characters

We are having couple of \u00AD (soft hyphen) characters in our translation files. We uploaded the source and translations into Crowdin and set up GitHub integration.

Whenever we receive a PR with translation updates now from Crowdin, it is replacing all of our soft hyphen unicode characters by empty strings in the exported json files.

I tried the following:

None of these have helped, we still got the character replaced in Crowdin PRs.

Is it a bug or are we doing something wrong?

Hi @devteam-motatos! Would it be possible to share a screenshot of the string in the editor you see and what you get on export?

We’ve been able to resolve that. While Crowdin keeps removing string \u00AD from the translation files, it is also replacing it by the actual character, which is unfortunately invisible in GitHub PR diff. It is not very intuitive and it is hard to spot and verify, but it works.