Crowdin In-Context was unable to identify translatable texts.

Hi everyone! We are working on integrating in-context to our website and faced with an issue. We added some new files for translation and when opening the in-context mode, for some reason we cannot translate some of the string. We only see a message “Crowdin In-Context was unable to identify translatable texts.” so there are no text available for translation even though we added files to Crowdin project.
Maybe we missed something since it is our first experience with such things, so any advice would be helpful!


Hi Kate!

Could you please tell us whether you downloaded and updated the new package from Crowdin project and integrate it into your website (after you updated sources in project)?

This step should help to update all the strings, and they should become available in the in-context mode. It is best to do each time you update files in Crowdin project so that in-context stays up to date. Hope this will help in your case as well!

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