Crowdin editor unable to display plaintext or .ini files?

Hi all,

First time using Crowdin. I’m attempting to add strings/text to translate and it advises me to use the editor.

However, it appears the editor doesn’t even attempt to load a plaintext file, maybe because it has a non-standard extension? It just gives a generic “No preview available” or “No Strings to Display”.

My files are plaintext in the Windows Ini File format and use the file extension .lang as the language I code in does not have a standard for translatable strings. I would like to keep using the ini file format. You can see the files I’m attempting to upload and translate here:

I’m sure I’m doing some sort of process incorrectly but I don’t know what specifically. Any advice is appreciated

Thanks in advance

Hi @rcmaehl !
We support ini file format just fine, kindly see file formats that can be uploaded to Crowdin:

In order to read a file properly, you need to upload a source file with the corresponding file extention, for example: source.ini. After that the strings will be available in the Editor for translation

Will do. Just confirming there’s no way to specify files without that extension as ini files without actually renaming the file?

Hello @rcmaehl,

You can use our API to upload the files, where specify the file format - please take a look at this: Crowdin API v2 Reference (File-based)

Let me know if this is something you were looking for!