Crowdin does not accept my DeepL API key

Hi everyone! We have recently launched our project in Crowdin and want to start pre-translating our strings with DeepL machine engine. I have a free plan on DeepL but once I copy my API key and paste it in Crowdin, it always shows me an error: “DeepL Translator API key is invalid” even though I know it’s absolutely correct.

Does anyone have the same issue? Can you advise how to solve it

We desperattely wish to start translating our project in the shortest possible time


Hi Chen,

I’m so sorry for the inconvenience! Due to the recent time, DeepL has only one application/key - DeepL API Pro and Crowdin works perfectly with it.

As DeepL API Free is launched just lately, Crowdin cannot deal with it for now, but we already have a task on our roadmap to start supporting this key as well. We’ll do our best to implement such an option in the short run

Im getting the same issue but both paid and free are not working. Very confused!

Hello there. Do you have an API version of connector?

Also, perhaps your language pair are not supported by DeepL, can you kindly check?

As a temporarily alternative solution you’re welcome to add Crowdin MT, it’s totally free of charge and works with all popular languages.