Crowdin - Contenful connector - how it works?

Hi. I know it’s hard to work with Contentful localization (my colleagues say that in some solutions text are not marked, stings\files are somehow divided and it’s not possible to find where’s your article and so on) so just wondering whether anyone worked with Contentful in Crowdin. Is it good or similar to my past experience?

Hi @KyllianH

I believe our connector wouldn’t disappoint you :slightly_smiling_face:

We mirror your Contentful structure, so you’ll easily find all needed files/stings/folders.

You can synchronize all content or just folders you’d like to (automatically or manually).

Plus, you can manage everything within 1 project because integration creates a stand-alone folder with mirrored subfolders. Here are some screenshots on the matter.

How it looks in Crowdin for French translators (files in the root are mine, not related to Contentful). You can use, for example, Github or another integration within the same project:

Integration synch page: in case you need a particular article only - you can uncheck others:

And more and more interesting features :slightly_smiling_face:

For reference:

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Great to hear it works so well! Gonna check it too.