Crowdin - Aruze repos question

Maybe someone would be able to explain me, how the sources are synchronised withing Crowdin and Azure repos?

Let’s say, I enable push sources option, and I often change sources directly in Crowdin.

But what will happen if I don’t approve pull request from Crowdin in Azure? I have 6 hours synch schedule. Will it damage my files? Will there be some conflicts?

Conflicts may be only is you clear webhooks from Azure side. There are some special webhooks that needed to work with Crowdin and keep the integration.

Sources are synched all the time, regardless of your schedule. Maybe once per 10 minutes I guess. If you change string to String, dont accept this change in Azure, sooner or later it will be reverted back to original string, as it is in your Azure. Not a big deal, but I’d suggest accepting pull requests :slight_smile: