Create exception for use of TM

Is it possible to create an exception for the use of translation memory?
We have a few terms that should be translated differently depending on the situation (1:many). The translator has to know exactly where the source string is used in our solution, to decide how to translate it.
It would be great if I could define terms that must never be auto-translated.
Alternatively, can we somehow insert a tag or something else during the source string review, that tells the TM which translation to use?

Hi @JosefineFranck !

To address your concern about translation memory exceptions for specific terms, you can use the Glossary feature to define how terms should be translated. While TM pre-translation does not consider Glossary terms, you can enable the QA check for Consistent Terminology to ensure terms are used correctly. After enabling this, you can review translations with QA Issues to make necessary corrections.

Hope this information will be useful for you!