Common glossary?

I am a manager in to projects based around the same IP, but with a different owner for each (because reasons).
Is there a way for me to create a glossary that I could share with both projects ?

Hi @azerty11235 ! Sorry to say, but glossaries as well as translation memories cannot be shared between projects that belong to different accounts

So one of the projects would need to be transfered to the others owner account to allow this ?

@azerty11235 ,

In general, yes, in order to be able to share glossaries across different projects, these projects need to be owned by the same user. However, if you are using, there is no way straightforward way to change the ownership of the project, unfortunately. There are 2 possible workarounds in this case:

The first one is to share credentials with the new owner so that they could access the current owner’s account and set their new credentials.

The second option is to re-create the project under the new account.

Thank you for the reply :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, none of those is possible, since the projects are not done by the same companies.

I seem to have managed to link a glossary to both projects through the translate glossary app, so I’ll see what come from this…
If it doesn’t work, I’ll just have to do a lot of copy pasting…

Thanks for the help !