CMS and Crowdin integration which one is better

Hi, we’re going to start building our new website, and one of topics we want to cover before we begin is future localization. We’re thinking about solutions like Contentful and Webflow.

I guess we can create a test account in both, but also wondering about anyone of you guys experience on the matter. Which one better handled by Crowdin?

@YuryChugov wow, they’re very different. I guess both of 'em has pros and cons and your team should decide which one to choose based on your needs.

As far as I know, logic of integration with Crowdin is quite similar and there shouldn’t be any differences (for end user and translators who will work with).

Perhaps, the major difference is that you receive translations to Contentful as stand alone articles ready to be published, and with Webflow it would be a language switcher integrated into website directly.

You can check it by details: