Clicking "Download latest" downloads an empty .zip file

When I click “Download latest” in the UI, Crowdin downloads an empty .zip file. When I click “Download as CSV” I see all of the translations in that I expect. Why is the .zip file empty?

This is for an open source project: Tab Wrangler translations in Crowdin

I am trying to integrate the Crowdin GitHub Action, but it says there are no files to download in the “Download translations” step. Open pull request with the new action: Crowdin action by ssorallen · Pull Request #374 · tabwrangler/tabwrangler · GitHub

Hey @rossbyross

If all if empty I’m 99% sure it’s because of project settings. Check export options, disable all restrictions like export only fully translated file and so on (skip untranslated stings also should be disabled).

In case you have no 100% fully translated file + some hidden stings inside - it wouldnt be exported.

Once you disable all advanced export options in project settings, try build and download once more.

Some other suggestion that might be, is a translation export patter. Shouldnt be any strange symbols that arent placeholders (like double slaches or _ - in other words, avoid configs like //folder/

And by the way, here’s a nice guide about actions, you checked?


Thank you for the reply, it was the “Exclude untranslated files” setting that was the issue. I misinterpreted that; I thought that meant it would exclude files with 0 translations, but it actually means exclude files that are not completely translated. The explanation of the setting doesn’t clarify that.

Anyway I am good to go now and got the GH Action working. Thank you again!

@rossbyross glad that it helped!

Great advice :slightly_smiling_face:

By the way, using skip options is a good practice for websites (pictures titles can be often auto-hidden), but in general, only file option matters a lot-> with it only 100% files are picked up :wink:

@Dima @DuuanVanVaagh thanks for tips, I’ve encountered the same problem and was about to write post on the matter, but you’ve already did great job and explained it. Disable file skipping option and translation download works now like a charm. Thanks!