CLI utilisation without API key // Downloading translations form a CLI

I am trying to build a small script that would update the translated strings for a user, because most of my users are using Docker.
They would need to download a new image to be able to get the most recent changes that have been made inside crowdin.
For that reason, the method must be public
I’ve looked at : crowdin download translations | Crowdin CLI
But I’m not sure that creating a scoped API-key that can only download translations (if that’s possible) would be a great solution to this. Is it ?
This is the scope of the API-key that I’m thinking about exposing for use inside my script (that will be able to all Docker users)

Thanks in advance for your help!

Hi @ajnart ,

Creating a scoped API-key that can only download translations is a viable solution. This would allow your script to fetch the latest translations without exposing other functionalities of your Crowdin project.

You can use the following API method to download project translations:
Download Project Translations

@ajnart it’s not enough for Crowdin CLI to have only the Translations scope for the authorization token. It requires at least the Projects (List, Get, Create, Edit) scope in addition.

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So definitely not exposable to users. But I could do the request to the api and then download/unzip the translations I guess. I will try and report my findings