Character limit before line break

Hi! I’m looking for the ability to limit each -line- of the translation to a certain length, rather than the entire message.

The hud we’re importing the project into has a limit of a max of 50 characters per line, so a way to count characters or better yet, a QA stop unless a line break is inserted would be the goal.

Hello Sapphira.

You can set up some custom length QA checks, but in most cases, they will be string-related. There’s also a QA for full file length.

Also, you can develop a custom import-export module, that would split your file sentence-by-sentence. In this case, you will have 1 sentence = 1 string and can apply any QA check in a few clicks.

By the way, are you looking for a mechanism that will consider QA checks based on linebreaks?

So, technically it’s still 1 string (i.e. some paragraph), but consist of 3 sub-strings (i.e. sentences)?

Any samples you can share with us would be appreciated.

An example would be

Japanese is very efficient at fitting a lot into a small space, and since we’re translating to English we’re running over the 50 characters per line limit very fast.
Splitting the strings up probably wouldn’t work too well since there’s usually not very obvious starting and stopping points for each sentence in the original language, along with us having to rewrite the whole paragraph to get the actual message across.

So yeah, I’d be after
Translation >
QA check that stops approval if a sentence in the suggested translation is over 50 characters (including spaces and punctuation) without an explicit line break, or the section after the line break is over 50 without a line break, etc etc.

Hi @Sapphira,

Thank you for the details! Currently, there is a possibility to set up custom length QA checks only for a whole string.

Hope for your understanding!