Changing Source Files via Gitlab integration

Hi, I have a question about changing source files:
The editor generally allows me to do that. But if I save my changes, confirm and then sync my files with the connected Gitlab repo - Are the source files in Gitlab also overwritten with the changes I made to the source text in the CrowdIn editor?

We have a Pro plan and the documents in question are Markdown (.md) files.

Thanks in advance!

Hi there!

If you don’t have the “Push Sources” option turned on, the changes won’t be overwritten

To check if this feature is on:

Go to the Integrations tab in your Crowdin’s project → Choose the needed integration → Edit button → Push Sources option

If you need to push source too, you can activate it there

Thanks for the tip! I realized it doesn’t matter anyway, because Markdown localization in CrowdIn doesn’t allow source editing.