Changing JSON segmentation

Hi, have an issue. Uploaded a json into Crowdin, and segmentation looks not very nice for me. Strings are formed by different sentences.

Therefore it causes the another issue, Translation memory that we use and that already should have some sentences being translated in past in our another project don’t recognize current sentences so translators are spending to much time for their work.

Is there any option to make this fixed?

The structure of .json file is displayed in Crowdin in the same way as in your source file. It is the key value structure, so the segmentation rules can’t be applied from the Crowdin side. Only 1 way to change the segmentation of this file - is offline. Once its done - upload a new version into Crowdin.

If there’s even a little match, TM suggestions anyway should be shown in the Editor, so you need to apply the minimum match of TM suggestions as 40%.

Editor Settings (wheel butoon) > Show the TM suggestions with the minimum match of 40% > Save.