Change source file name without loosing progress

Hey, i currently change the language file formatting from xx_YY to only xx for simplicity, which worked fine for all output generated files. Now the last step is to change the source file name.

Is there an option to do this safely inside the crowdin project without loosing the current translation progress or is it safe to rename the file on GitHub and define the new file name inside the GitHub integration?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Miraculixx ! Please rename the file in your GitHub repository, then update the file path in the Crowdin GitHub integration settings accordingly and rename that file in Crowdin project. This way, the name will be the same on both sides (as well as in the configuration file) and the sync won’t notice the difference.
If renaming only on one side, then we will upload the file again with old/new name because of the differences we will see on both sides

Thanks for the fast reply!
Editing the file names inside the project worked, but sadly i can not edit any settings inside the GitHub integrations. On every try to save changes the error Failed to create a branch in Crowdin appears. Looking into the issues tab, the error description is that this action is not available in my subscription plan.

Does Crowdin changed the requirements and the GitHub integration is now only available inside the business plan? In the market place it’s still listed as FREE but it is literally not usable in any form. Even removing and adding the repository inside the integration and reconnecting the GitHub account did not helped.

@Miraculixx could you please pause the integration → rename the file on your repository → change the name also in the configuration and try to resume the integration? then mane of the file should be the same on both side for it to work

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