Change in parser and website behavior when uploading a .strings file

There is an undocumented change in behavior from API v1 to API v2. The website now exhibits the changed behavior, too, presumably because it has changed from using API v1 to using API v2.

Using API v1, when a .strings file was uploaded, a .strings file entry such as

"one\ntwo\nthree\n" = "one\ntwo\nthree\n";

would result in a Crowdin “String” of


In other words, each "\n" would be converted from a two-character escape sequence to a single ASCII LF character.

The “Identifier (Key)” would not be converted; it would remain "one\ntwo\nthree\n", and the string automatically prefixed to “Context” would also not be converted.

This changes in API v2: the resulting Crowdin “String” is "one\ntwo\nthree\n"

In other words, the "\n" is preserved in the “String”.

This can result in problems when such a file is uploaded if it contains a duplicate of an entry that was previously uploaded using API v1: Although the duplicate entry should “inherit” translations for the uploaded-with-API-v1 string, it doesn’t, because it is considered by Crowdin as a new string [1].

On my project, this resulted in a loss of 34% of my translations when I simply uploaded a copy of an existing file, because 34% of my strings contain “\n”. To deal with this I do the conversion myself, before uploading with the v2 API.

[1] Apparently the “String” is used instead of the “Identifier (Key)” when trying to match a .strings file entry to existing translations. However, that’s a separate issue and could arguably be considered a feature.

Hey! Thanks for the feedback. API version doesn’t matter a lot, it’s more about parser version. In the project you own, the file was uploaded back in 2014 and it was parser by the 4th version of .strings parser (Crowdin was replacing \n with linebreaks here) and the latest version is 7 (Crowdin keeps \n in the source).

To achieve the old behavior, you need to re-upload the source file with a different version, 4.

Kindly refer to the following endpoint:

You need to upload the file to the project again with 2 additional parameters:

type: macosx
parserVersion: 4

That would also work:
type: macosx4

When you upload the file from UI or just define type: macosx when uploading the file via API, note that it will be always parser by the latest version.

Hope it helps!

Thanks, @Andrulko. I’ll give your suggestion a try.

@Andrulko - I’ve confirmed that parserVersion: 4 works as you described.

I’ve changed the thread title to reflect that it’s a change in the parser, not the API.

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