Change flag for Belarusian

Hello! I’d like to ask you to change the flag for Belarusian (maybe to «БЕ» letters, like it was done with the flag for Russian)?

The current Belarusian flag is the flag of Lukasenka’s regime, a dictatorhsip that severely hinders the usage and growth of the Belarusian language. It does not represent either most Belarusians or most speakers of Belarusian.

Many Belarusian speakers use the white-red-white flag, which is the flag used by our elected president Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya.

I’ve seen that the flag used for the Russian language has been changed; if this could be done for Russian, this should be done for Belarusian, too.

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Hello there,

Our developers are currently working on some changes, and we strategically want to replace all flags with symbolic designations.

We made this decision as the flags of the countries do not always correspond to the languages, and you can see the name of the language below the symbol.

I can’t say when exactly the Belarusian flag will be replaced, but this will surely happen.

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