Can't translate

Hi, when I try to make translation changes it says “The project you are trying to translate is currently suspended”. Can you help?

It means the subscriptions is over and project is frizzed, so editor is closed. Probably you have free trial, not the “free” plan. Or overreached the limits. Check it, or ask the project owner to do so.

Login with main account here, in top right corner there would be all the details

Yea, we’re not up against any limit and we’re using the free plan. The limit is 60,000 words but we’re only using 49,920 words (1280 words in 39 languages). It seems odd that we have to spill our private details on a public forum – how is there no private support? We’ve probably spent upwards of $1,500 on translation services with Crowdin but need to disclose support requests to the rest of the internet?

Hello there. Private support (like email, or online chat) requires a higher subscription tear than a Free plan, you’re welcome to check our pricing page (support section) to confirm that Free plan support is limited (only knowledge base and Crowdin’s community):

Crowdin Translation service doesn’t come with a primary subscription, it’s a stand-alone unit and the only LSP provider (Vendor) available within the Free plan.

Still, I’ve checked everything from my side and can confirm that your limits are fine.

Probably you’ve overreached the limits (they are non only in hosted words but in other features) or so, so suspend event was triggered.

I’ve refreshed the system from my side, all should be up and running now. In case you would like to discuss some things privately, you can always message me in “direct message” here in Community.

Wish you all the best :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you Dima. Can confirm things work on our side now.

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