Can't setup github integration again after deleting it

So basically I had moved the directory of my source file and translations on my github repository. Then, I noticed crowdin was no longer detecting the moved files so I deleted my sources on crowdin and recreated it, in an attempt to make it see the new files.
It didn’t seem to be syncing so I also deleted my github integration and recreated it.
This is the problem, I can’t seem to recreate the integration, it gives me the error “This action is not available for account subscription plan” I’m just doing the same thing I did the first time I set it up but it doesn’t seem to work.

Try deleting the old branch

When you delete the Github you deleted just integration
But Crowdin doesn’t delete branches from it’s File manager

You need to delete branch from Files tab, after that connect a new Github so new branch can be bring into Crowdin from Github

Thank you, it worked now. Although I think it lost track of all contributors so far, hopefully they won’t mind too much.

Authority is always lost once you delete the original branch. I don’t think it’s the issue, it’s shown nowhere except the Crowdin.