Cannot upload sources: Unique file formats

Hello everyone,

I’ve been using the free plan for almost a year now. We find that currently, it is sufficient for our needs. We set up CLI integration for file uploads, and it’s been working great.

Last week, when I tried to upload a new source file, I received an error:

"index.mdx" file was skipped. The number of unique file formats for the current subscription plan exceeded.

My project already contains *.mdx, *.md, and *.json files. The plans and pricing page shows that I’m using three file formats in “advanced features”, which are included under the free plan.

Why can I not add a new file using the .mdx format, even if my project has already included files with this format for nine months?


I’ve fixed everything from my side. We count any .mdx version as a new file format for now.

I’ve done some magic, so the new file upload should work fine.

I can confirm the magic on your side fixed the problem! I can now upload new .mdx files to my project again. Thanks.

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