Cannot connect the API Crowdin for Figma

Hello! I’ve been trying to connect the plugin Crowdin for Figma and I just can’t. It says my credentials were saved but I cannot access the settings after entering the Token. I get this message:

“Unable to authorize. please use another personal access token and try again.”

And yes, I read the article on how to connect the plugin. It does not solve my problem. Also tried different accounts and projects. Can anyone help me?

Hello @igorthomas

Can you confirm you’ve created a full-scope access token from the API page (personal Account Settings)? Is there any chance that you can provide the screenshot or screen record from Figma that shows this behavior, preferably, with the Figma console being activated in the browser, so we can see logs:

As far as I see via our database, you have only 1 project created, in case you’re experiencing issues in multiple projects, please share with me their names (you can message me directly).

First screenshot is right after clicking on “connect”
Second screenshot is right after clicking on “settings”
Third screenshot is the console

And yes, I have created a full-scope access token from the API page.

Thanks for the screenshots!

I see you’ve entered the organization name, are you working in Crowdin Enterprise?

Because if you’re using the Crowdin Com version (I see via my database you own a project in Crowdin Com), this field should be left untouched.

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That was it! Since I was following the steps on the " Crowdin Figma Plugin | Design stage localization and multilingual design" on YouTube, I wrote the company name as shown there. The problem is fixed. Thanks a bunch.

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Always a pleasure to assist :slight_smile: