Cannot add string in JS file

I cannot update JS file with strings. I would like to add new string in the Content tab however it’s not possible for JS files as the file cannot be selected because it’s not possible to select it in the Files tree on Add string modal.

I tried to update the whole file however this breaks the translations and every translation after this new string is moved up in the wrong row.

Hi Danian,

That is correct!

As for now, there is no possibility to add or edit strings for JS files directly in the Crowdin project.

We’ve had a chat with our PM, and created a task for improvement on the matter.

Currently, the only workaround will be to add the strings locally, and update the files in the project. If translations are removed after the update, it’s totally possible to restore them via TM pre-translation:

However, we’d be glad to double-check everything for you, so could you please let us know the project name you’re working with, and the examples of the broken translations (e.g. string URLs)?

The translations are usually preserved well for the 3rd or 4th version of JS. What version do you use?