Can I emit language-specific attribute values in imported XML files?

I currently have an XML file with strings being translated. Today, I discovered there is an attribute (language="en-us") that needs to be locale specific. The documentation makes reference to XML Files Configuration and various other features, but I don’t see them in my UI.

Should be generated by default is you use in translation path “locale” language placeholder. Just change the path and build the project, in downloaded zip there would be what you search for.

Or, update the file by API\CLI with new configuration option (import option for xml files) API v2 Reference

Not sure I understand. To clarify, I have an XML file:


I’m looking to localize the language and xml:lang attributes, if possible.

If you don’t see these attribute (Product description) in advanced config, that it’s not localizable

Should be changed from your side as it’s the part of source. Or added somewhere where they can be localized. Just googled, seems there’s no direct solution out of the box to work with exactly your case.

I don’t have an advanced config area, it’s grayed out. I suspect this is a limitation of my free account. Appreciate all the replies, thanks!

Advanced config can be obtained while you export file only from the start, the 1st time upload into Crowdin, or, when you change a SRX rule.

Try adding the same file into folder/root like a copy, to configure from the glance, or by changing the SRX. I have open source and it works for me, probably in just free-free it doesnt…