Can I check string source file within screenshots editor?


I have a few folders with source files. I tagged some strings on the screenshots.

When I search for string Crowdin suggests to me one or more source files and it is great. I select one of them and I save. But when I want to find out which source file the string highlighted on the screen is pointing to, I can’t. Even if I filter strings to “Filter strings”.

Hi @hello_workai,

When you select “Filter strings” → select the desired file, make sure that the Strings tab is expanded on the right side and then you will see the highlighted strings of this file that are taged on the screenshot. As it is shown in the screenshot in the Screenshots article → Tag Strings

Hope this helps you🤞🏻


Nope. I know how the Tags Strings works.

I understand that the Strings tab must be expanded on the right side, and I see the highlighted strings, but I didn’t see of which source file the string highlighted comes from.

When I use Tag Strings with Text Recognition I can choose the source file if there are more occurrences of string.

Hi @hello_workai ! Got it. Indeed, at the moment the file is not shown, sorry.

We have passed this to the team for the improvement