Bulk approve translations retroactively under certain conditions

Hi guys, is there a way to bulk auto-approve translations under certain conditions?

My situation is that we have a huge backlog of translations. Most of them are probably only having translations by one or two users. Those translations I would like to auto-approve retroactively.

By that I want to avoid working through these translations and focus on the translations that have multiple suggestions and are being highly discussed.

Is there any way to do this?

No way to do so. You auto approve all suggestions from you if your proofreader, or you don’t and appove all the staff manually. In editor settings (wheel, top right corner) there’s an “enable auto approve” option. So all that is done by you will be auto approved. But no other conditions. I’m afraid it would be complex for most users + system will need a lot of resources to manage those multi conditions filters

Thanks for the response!

Yeah, after some research to me it seems that there is no out-of-the-box functionality for solving my requirement.

For completions sake, I would be looking for something like a JQL query in Jira:

not approved AND
(created >= 1y AND translation = 1) OR
(translation = 1 AND translator = UserA) OR
(translation = 1 AND translator = UserB)

Then “approve” all the strings resulting from the query.

You will need request a feature to do this. But I wouldn’t say it will be a quick process. A custom feature, not all need that. As @YuryChugov said, you approve or not, tons of conditions will be not easy for all users. I don’t think this will get enough + to be set into discussion or production.

Thanks @JessZavidy, I see. I won’t be requesting this functionality as a new feature since I hoped to have some solution out-of-the-box. I found a dirty workaround for the strings I had to approve.

I’m just really surprised that Crowdin doesn’t over such a solution to query/traverse all the strings in a project.

Hello @gibraltar

You can do a mass approval to the strings you’ve selected.

To do this, you need to switch to proofreading editor mode. Then use the Advanced filter for the system to display only the needed strings.

Then choose all and in a checkbox confirm mass approval. Here is a video on the matter (it’s outdated in terms of UI design, still you’ll get the idea):

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Wow, thank you @Dima! That’s exactly what I’ve been looking for. :heart:

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