Build&Download causes to have empty strings and also "..." instead of recommended "…" (single character)

For some reason, each time I choose to export some translation file (Italian in this case), it exports some strings that weren’t really translated. The website created them to be identical to the English strings, even though nobody translated them.
When you do this on Android, the app uses those strings as if they are translated, so the IDE also doesn’t warn about these translations being missing either.

Please fix this, at least for Android apps.
I know there is some hidden setting out there to fix it, but each time I create a new project and I choose to have it destined to be used for Android, it should automatically set it properly for Android.

Hi @lblb636 ,

Could you please share some more details on the matter, like the ID of the project in Crowdin and some examples, and screenshots so that we could check everything? As many details as possible would be much appriciated.

Yes, but can we talk via email instead?

Here I will just present the general information:

base strings.xml file in English (in /res/values/ ):

<resources xmlns:tools="" tools:locale="en">
    <string name="hello_world">Hello world</string>

When I tell the website to download all translations files, strings.xml file in italian folder (in /res/values-it-rIT ) is generated with the same content for this string:

<resources xmlns:tools="" tools:locale="it">
    <string name="hello_world">Hello world</string>

This doesn’t make sense, when nobody translated the string.

Hi @lblb636 , you’re welcome to set the export option in the Project settings > Export > Skip untranslated strings: