Branches configuration

Hello, just wondering about Branches in Crowdin. Their logic is the same that in GitLab? If I somehow merge them from Crowdin side, would they be merged from GitLab side? I see from the pricing page that subscriptions are counted by branches also, does Crowdin see all my branches in GitLab or what?

Also, is it possible to detect duplicated strings only within branch 1, so branch 2 would contain only it’s own stings?

Hi @Oleg_Stoykov

Well, yes, in general logic is approximately the same.

Regarding merging - no, system expects you to merge content from GitLab side. After merging, old version branches will still be stored in Crowdin, but you can simply delete them from Content page.

Crowdin’s subscription counts only branches that exists in your project (i.e. in GitLab you have 20 branches, but integrated with Crowdin only 3, so in Crowdin exists only 3, so the branch count for pricing would be 3).

For duplicates I’d recommend Branch detection: