Bitbucket sync - possibility to skip untranslated files?

Hi all.

I have a few languages in my team’s projects that are not fully translated for now or are just empty because we even didn’t start localization for this segment of the market. Hiding files for some languages wouldn’t be the solution because of our management workflow. Currently, these files are still synced to GitLab as empty files.

Is it possible to skip syncing these files until they are translated?

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Hi @TiroliTemar

Yes, sure.

Please use this option if have separate folders with different requirements and if you configure GitLab using Crowdin.Yaml in the repository:
Seach for skip_untranslated_files = true

Or, in the Project Settings → Export options → Skip Untranslated files (it would affect whole project, all files)

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Thanks for the tip!:slight_smile:

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