Best way to handle en_GB and en_US?

Hi there!

I have a question on how to handle our use case best. We are translating our software in multiple languages, but we also differentiate between GB english and US english. But since those two languages are veeery similar, we intend to upload our GB source strings to US as well and let translators do the differentiation on crowdin.

Is there a way to use the GitHub action ins way that new strings are also copied to US? That would be great!

Thanks in Advance!

Hi @marcelbrode :raised_back_of_hand:

Just to be on the same page. Do you mean that you want to upload GB english source lanauge as a target language to the project?

GB is our source language, which is uploaded as such, but using import_eq_suggestions: true to have them as translations as well.

But since US is very similar, new GB strings should also be copied to US, if that’s somehow possible :slight_smile:

Hello @marcelbrode

Well, you’re currently using one of the available options (upload source as translation into a similar language), so there’s not much we can advise.

Depending on your export settings, you might just skip the translation upload. By default, when exporting translations, Crowdin fills untranslated strings with source text to avoid exporting empty files. So you can just leave en-US empty.

Hi @Dima,

Thanks for your quick response!

So I guess that wouldn’t work with our software then. Filling untranslated snippets isn’t desired, since depending on our setting we want to either show the snippet key, when untranslated to notice where snippets are missing, or to fallback on the system default language.

Therefore untranslated snippets have to stay out of our exports. But I guess we have to manage this in our automatism for that case and have a second upload for a copy then, too bad.

Thank you for your help then :slight_smile: