Best way of translation sharing?

So, let’s say I have few projects, and some TM should be used for only specific of them, in order not to interfere with each and everyone. I see there’s a Share TM button, which woks in overall great, but in my case I need tm-TM to be shared with 3\5 projects on mine.

Moreover, ideally, I would like to somehow automate this process and to trigger everytime with CLI the pre translate call once files are in project. Ideally, I wish to have 1 TM but to share only languages, like French with 4\5 projects, Chinese with 2\5, Spanish with 1\5. How to achive this?

Sharing only language, not a full TM is not possible. I see here just TM upload and assigning it only for needed projects.

Or splitting up the TM into few different language based, and assigned them.

But I wouldn’t do this, as far as most usually translation is almost the same to the same stings, unless you use something extremelly specific.

But in this case it’s faster to just notify teammates to go ahead from scratch, and dont use the TM.