Best source format with string max lenght

Hi all,
I’m new to Crowdin and trying to migrate from another platform. I have my source files in xliff format with context notes and max lenght. When I add them, the strings are created but the context notes not only contain what was in the file, but also the file name and the string ID, and the string max lenght was not imported at all. not sure if this is a bug, or there is another file format more suitable for this.


Kindly contact Crowdin team directly at with the example of your XLIFF file and we’ll do our best to help you
Feel free to check the XLIFF file example with additional parameters that can be uploaded to the project:
XLIFF 1.2 file localization

I will, thanks! Using the template on XLIFF 1.2 file localization the max lenght is imported correctly, but not the notes.
One example, notes of the first string is “Context”. And this is what we get after importing:

Hi @Pedro !

Just wanted to let you know that it is a default behaviour that the context is displayed with the file name and the id of the string directly after the import. Don’t worry on export you will receive the same file structure as before importing it to Crowdin.


not very user friendly for the translators. context is a very important information for the translators.

on the other platform I have been using, this is the interface:

in crowdin the UI for the translators is very “technical”… and the context it’s not so evident, to properly guide the translators:

Dear @Pedro !

Thank you for your feedback! We will pass it further to our team and will find out whether we are going to implement any changes.

Once we have any news, we will inform you as soon as possible!

Meanwhile wish you a wonderful day ahead!

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Hi @Pedro ! We got some updates from the team and for now we do not plan any changes in xliff but we will definitely keep this in mind for the future improvements!

Thanks. What about the way the notes are presented to the translators? context is a vital part of any translation. if there is no emphasis, translators may just overlook