Best practice to archive the language - assistance needed

Hi, I’d like to archive 2 languages I work within my projects.
For now, I’m using API and making hidden all stings that have labels I’ve added “needs_archivation”
But I’m sure it’s not the best practice - my managers need to translate them to our active language set, translators cant access them

Please advise something better for me.

Hi, we’ve used in past method with just removal a language from project, anyway all translation will remain available in Translation memory or if you have integration within l10n folder, or after build+download somewhere in your laptop


for now we’ve discovered a simple file switcher (Content → Files), if you have tons for files you can to use API to manage this, but if you have only few of 'em, why don’t just turn off language for file? And once you need it back - turn on again :slight_smile:

p.s. proofreaders also can access hidden stings → check Projects settings to enable this feature

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Awesome, thanks for the tip!