Badges & Status Images language chart offline

Hello, I’m having an issue with the tool Badges & Status Images

I have the image below in our project documentation, but it is causing the build to fail because the image is often offline.

I can get the image to come back online by visiting crowdin, selecting my project, selecting tools, selecting this specific tool, then selecting “languages chart”.

Any idea?

Hi there!

Since it is automatically updates yourself, I can assume that you don’t have translations in the project?
Unfortunately, I can’t see the image you attached

I do have translations in the project.

This is the response from the url of the image.

But if I perform the steps outlined in my original post, then it becomes available for about an hour… then it will begin to error again.


What is your configuration and code? Perhaps it’s related to cache, how often do you release cache, build and download the project? There’s a path shown in error, any chance you can check it?

More info can be found here → Badges & Status Images | Discover the right solution to enhance Crowdin experience

Hi @Dima,

Thank you for the response. The path shown in the error it not a path in my project, but is a path on your web server. I don’t have any access to that directly, you would need to have your developers take a look.

What is your configuration and code?

What specifically do you mean? There’s a combination of python projects using po files. There’s a website using js proxy translator.

The proxy translation is imported and published daily. The other’s are integrated with github and update as required.

I’m happy to provide anything specific you ask for, but there are a hundred or so settings within a project.

Perhaps it’s related to cache

If you’re referring to this… again that is something that is handled by the web server.

To add to all this. This all used to work perfectly fine, until recently (maybe 1 month ago or so)… I think the issue started when the format of the graphs changed from a horizontal bar chart to a vertical bar chart. Prior to that, I had been using this “tool” for a very long time without issues, across multiple projects.

I’m happy to provide any further info, but as there is no configuration options for this “tool”, I think it’s a bug in the upstream code (or just something wrong on the backend web server).

Hi ReenigneArcher,

Thank you a lot for the details! I’m already passing it on to our devs for the investigation,

I will get back to you as soon as I will have any news,

(internal for Crowdin support team only CN-42413)

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I have also encountered this problem. The badge image occasionally fails.
In the end, I chose to use the crowdin API with github action to generate the badge image.
Crowdin Project Progress SVG Generator

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Thanks for letting our team know


That’s not a bad idea to do anyway, as it can be customized much further. Thanks for sharing!

Hi @ReenigneArcher and @HuShenghao

Our team deployed a fix of this issue : )

Please let us know if all is good now,