Azure Repos integration Sync Schedule not working


As stated in the title I have an Azure Repos integration setup in my private project with the option of Sync Schedule turned on every hour.
However, it seems to be not working, It is now Sept 7 and the integration has not synced since I manually pressed the Sync Now button yesterday (Sept 6) at 15:30.

Has anyone encountered this issue or has any ideas on how to fix this?

Hello @CloudCockpit ! Could you please try to Pause and Resume the integration and after that let us know how everything is going?

Hello @Tania,

I’ve tried to Pause and Resume the integration in two different instances today, and it still does not sync automatically after an hour has passed (after Resuming).

Best regards

Could you please send email to with project detail, so that we can initiate an investigation into the issue?

Hello @NataliaS,

Thank you for the suggestion.
I’ve sent the email.

Hi CloudCockpit,

Yes, we received it. Thank you for the details! We will check everything and get back to you,