Azure - Crowdin integration limits

Hi, I’m experiencing weird stuff with Azure integration in Crowdin.

Sometimes files are synched, sometimes no, sometimes update is not triggered (we have a combination of tools, sometimes we add tons of stings into our file using API and the we expect them to be synched with Azure, option push sources is of course enabled)

I guess it’s related to file size, but still would like to hear any confirmation

It’s not from the Crowdin side.

I’m not sure, seen somewhere in Google that Azure has different offers that extend limits and capabilities, but as far as my teammates say, the reason, why the translations are not pushed to the repo, is the file size. Most likely after translation, or after you add strings, it becomes bigger than 20 MB, and this is the restriction from Azure’s side, they expect the file to be sized less than 20 MB.

You need to divide it into smaller parts or maybe check what they can offer, perhaps there’s a plan with a file size incresement.

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@TiroliTemar I guess it might be the point, also googled about it. Thanks for the top.