Automated way to get all reports info

Hi, Jacoby here. Right now our second PM is taking his parental leave, so for the next 3 months I’ll be managing 6 projects. I’m now trying the Crowdin CLI to generate all needed reports, it’s nice but It provides only the primary info (when I want all details). Company provided me with a personal developer for a week to help with automatization, so I’m wondering if I can find here something more than CLI responses. Tx


Greetings Jacoby. In our team we use API, the developers set up the circle action so twice a day, in the morning after we have a coffee and in the evening before leaving the work system generate for us all details about the project. I guess she used this action API Reference You can ask your dev to set up something similar for you so you’ll automatically receive all the reports you need for good management. Crowdin has well explained API knowledge base so it should not be a problem even for junior dev. Thanks.

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