Auto-translate back to source language in the Online Editor

I’m new to using crowdin and I am currently setting up my first project, so I apologize if this feature already exists and I’ve just missed it.
I’ve received several fan translations for my project and does not work with a professional team to verify the translations. As there already exists several translations for the project, I’ve imported them all into crowdin. And I had a thought whilst looking over the translation online editor.

In the screenshot above, is there a possibility of getting a machine translation of the translated text(Japanese) back to the original language(English)?

If not, I think it would be a very nice addition. As it’s most likely only me who is going to verify the translation and all I can really do is machine translate it back to English to get a vague idea if it’s correct or not, I think it would serve as a “well enough” verification since someone more qualified isn’t available.

Just sharing some thoughts, as said, apologize if this is already a feature and I’ve just missed it.

By Clicking Japanese translation and TM/MT suggestion another versions of translations would be available/visible. Alternatively, you can create a branch/folder, upload there the exact same file, pre translate it with Machine and compare differences.

But I’d rather hire a linguist (even junior level, a student or so) just to double-check Japanese as a proofreader. If you’re a lucky, they will cost you nothing because be consider as a university practice or so.

By Clicking Japanese translation and TM/MT suggestion another versions of translations would be available/visible

TM/MT suggestion would still only give me Japanese suggestions back right?
I’m just pointing out the usefulness of having a preview on the page for translation back to English, to give me(project owner) as a non Japanese speaker somewhat of an understanding what has been typed into the translation.

The only thing what comes to mind is turning on Crowdin’s Machine Translations engine so you will see a suggestion under the translation field. It’ll be in Japanese, but at least you can compare the hieroglyphs or so.

By the way you can add the idea of having MT translation of existing translation in feature request form, I’ve seen few topic here and in comments to them users share the feature request form, but it’s very custom idea, don’t think it’ll be realized soon unless it gets at least 20-25 votes.