Auto translate/approve default language(s)

Is there any way to auto translate/approve default languages?

I’m not sure if this is a unique situation (I wouldn’t think it is)… but I would like my default language, English, to be auto translated and approved… since it matches the source code.

In addition to that I would like English - US to be auto translated and approved.

I know I can copy the source string, and set it be auto approved if the “translation” is performed by me… but I am looking for a way to avoid translating at all since the strings are equal, and this is a lot of clicks that are not really value added, other than it updates the completion percentage for that language.

As far as I know, I need English enabled or I will not be able to select English in my applications.

Hi @ReenigneArcher ,

If your target translation should match the source file, you are welcome to upload your source file as translation for the needed language and select the option Allow target translation to match the source. Kindly check the guide below:

In case you have English and English, US in your list of target languages, you can enable the option Automatically fill in regional dialects in the Project SettingsExport. As a result, untranslated strings in regional dialects (e.g. English, US) will automatically include translations completed in the primary language (e.g., English).

Alternatively, you can always use automatic pre-translation via MT:

Hope this helps!

Thanks, but I was hoping for a way to automate it.