Assigning a new workflow template unpublishes a project

This seems to be a new issue. I assigned an updated workflow template to ~70 projects, and all of them are now unpublished. That’s unexpected because they were published before, and the old and new workflow contain a “Crowdsourcing” step.

So, not only did I have to manually assign the workflow template to 70 projects, now I also have to manually publish 70 projects. That’s not a fun task. :cold_sweat:

Ideally, projects wouldn’t get unpublished just because a new workflow template gets assigned.

Also, I would appreciate it if we could get the following features implemented:

Hi @gerhard,

That’s how our system works, if you change workflow it re-runs again with the updated version.

Regarding your request for API features for switching workflow templates (internal 31335) and Crowdsourcing (internal 35179), I’ve passed this on to our developers to look into the possibility of implementing these features.

We appreciate your suggestions and are continuously working to improve our platform. I’ll keep you updated on any progress made.

Let’s keep in touch!

Okay, and part of re-running the workflow is unpublishing the project? That’s an unexpected behavior.

Just in case I wasn’t clear, I’m talking about the “Publish” / “Unpublish” buttons on the “Crowdsourcing” tab.

Hi @gerhard !

When you update the workflow, it does not automatically unpublish the project. The “Publish” / “Unpublish” buttons on the “Crowdsourcing” tab control the publication status independently of workflow changes. If you’re experiencing the project being unpublished after a workflow update, this isn’t expected behavior.

To address this, please provide a detailed description of the steps you’re taking when this issue occurs. If possible, a video recording of the process would be very helpful for us to understand the issue better.

Looking forward to your response,

Here’s a recording of the issue.

  1. The project is published
  2. I assigned a workflow template
  3. The project appears to still be published
  4. After reloading the “Crowdsourcing” page, the project shows the actual “Unpublished” status

It’s expected that the project doesn’t get unpublished when a new workflow template gets assigned and that template contains a “Crowdsourcing” step.

Hi there!

Thank you for the video, we’ll check everything on our side, and get back to you!